ICLEI Africa is proud to present the Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2017 Water and Climate Congress (LOCS4Africa 2017: Water & Climate).

LOCS_Water & climate 2017 Logo_RGBLOCS4Africa 2017 will explore critical links between climate change and urban water and sanitation in Africa’s cities. Globally, only 2% of our planets’ water is freshwater, which is fundamental to both human and urban development.

Water is THE critical challenge for many of our local governments. African cities, as diverse as large metro’s to small towns, are increasingly experiencing challenges of water security, drought and flooding. As such, there has never been a more relevant time for a pan-African congress to move “from dialogue to action” providing on-the-ground solutions, unpacking emerging trends and unlocking financial mechanisms.

LOCS4Africa will: 

  • Connect Africa’s cities with local to global water and climate solutions
  • Reimagine development within a rapidly urbanizing landscape
  • Unpack water and climate opportunities for African cities arising from the Paris Agreement, the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals

 LOCS4Africa 2017: Water & Climate Congress themes:

  • Localizing Integrated Urban Water Management
  • Sustainable Sanitation Solutions for Africa’s Future
  • Driving Local Climate Action
  • Urban Planning for Water Smart Cities
  • Accessing Water & Climate Financing for Cities
  • Resource Efficient & Resilient Cities
  • Water for Healthy Cities

Who should attend?

 LOCS4Africa 2017: Water & Climate Congress is Africa’s leading platform connecting local government leaders with:

  • African Mayors
  • African Local and Sub-National Governments
  • National Governments
  • Water and Climate Knowledge Institutions and Networks
  • Science and Technology Centres
  • Technical Experts
  • Investors and Development Partners
  • Business and Industry
  • Utilities
  • Civil Society Organisations
  • Urban Entrepreneurs, Youth and Women Leaders

Partners of the LOCS4Africa 2017: Water & Climate Congress

8 Feb 2017 with AfriAlliance