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About LoCS4Africa

Engage in Strategy

The biennial Local Climate Solutions for Africa Congress, also referred to as LoCS4Africa, provides a unique and accessible platform for African local leaders and their associations, as well as national governments, scientists, technical experts, development partners, business, industry and civil society to engage in strategic discussions around Africa’s re-imagining sustainable urban transitions.

Climate Change

This is particularly relevant in the context of the many challenges facing the continent, including rapid urbanisation and an uncertain future due to climate change. LoCS4Africa presents a space for local and subnational governments to engage with researchers, academia and financiers around possible solutions for supporting sustainable, resilient and inclusive development in Africa.

Tailored Theme

Each congress has a tailored theme that is strategically cross-cutting, with strong emphasis on local leadership and the importance of a systemic and integrated approach in decision-making at local and subnational government levels.


Financing for Change

LoCS4Africa 2020 will bring together key national, subnational, local government and private sector leaders from across Africa to discuss and explore collective solutions – with a specific focus on financing – for addressing climate related challenges that threaten to derail sustainable development in Africa.

By participating in LoCS4Africa 2020 you will gain fresh perspectives and insights, and share innovative ideas that will support a pathway towards positive change and sustainable urban development. You will forge partnerships, expand your network and exchange knowledge with thought leaders and key decision makers.

“There are no perfect solutions, and we need to recognise that the realities we face are messy, and thus we need to be open to learning by doing in driving sustainability in our cities and towns. A business as usual approach will no longer suffice.” ~ Dr. Meggan Spires, Senior Manager: Climate Change, Resilience and Energy, ICLEI Africa, speaking in the closing plenary session of LoCS4Africa 2017.

The congress will include stimulating plenary sessions, though-provoking panel discussions, interactive workshops, creative breakaway spaces and networking events, including a welcoming cocktail event and congress dinner. This year, an exhibition space will provide further opportunities to showcase initiatives and stimulate debate.

Exhibitors and sponsors are welcome and encouraged to attend all aspects of the congress.




Circular economy

Nature-based solutions

Event Greening

Events can have a significant impact, both good and bad, on the environment and local communities where they are hosted. To counteract the unintended negative impacts, events can be used as an opportunity to challenge our own practices while simultaneously educating delegates on sustainable event management.

ICLEI Africa is committed to ensuring that the activities taking place before, during and after LoCS4Africa congress 2020 have a minimal negative environmental impact. We have aspired to make socially and environmentally responsible decisions throughout the planning and organisation of this event, and ensured our delegates can enjoy their participation without unintended consequences on the environment.

Our venue has a number of initiatives in place to reduce negative environmental impact.

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