Locs Logo high res NO DATEThe Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LOCS4Africa) Congress, held under the ICLEI Africa’s Urban Leadership for African Sustainability (ULAS) programme, is Africa’s leading platform on local climate action for cities and sub-national governments across the Continent. The platform offers opportunity for engagement and strategic discussions around current on the ground solutions and emerging trends relating to Africa’s vulnerability to climate change in urban areas.

LOCS4Africa is a well-established pan African, bi-annual congress, each focusing on a strategic theme critical for urban sustainable development and in line with emerging trends globally. The congress places strong emphasis on local leadership and the importance of systemic, integrated and innovative approaches to decision making at local and sub-national government levels.

To date, ICLEI Africa in partnership with leading member cities in Africa has hosted three Pan African LOCS4Africa congress’s in: Cape Town, Dar es Salaam and eThekwini. The final reports and programmes, of which are available at http://locs4africa.iclei.org/.

  • Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2011

Host City – City of Cape Town                                                                  

The debut congress was convened in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011 and co-hosted by ICLEI Africa and the City of Cape Town. The event attracted participants from around the globe- drawing an audience from over 25 West, East, Central and Southern African countries.

Attended by: 40 Congress partners – 380 Delegates – 50 African Countries


  • Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2013

Host City – Dar es Salaam

The second in the series took place soon after the ICLEI Resilient Cities 2013 conference in Germany and was hosted by City of Dar es Salaam in partnership with ICLEI Africa. LOCS4Africa 2013 provided an opportune platform to unpack and contextualize the main outcomes from the global local government advances within the African context. The Congress had a special focus on the food-water-energy nexus as pivotal pillars in addressing the climate change challenge in Africa.

Attended by: 450 Delegates – 25 African Countries – 300 Local Government Representatives


  • Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2015

Host City – Durban, eThekwini Municipality (DAC Technical Meeting)

LOCS4Africa 2015 was held in Durban in October 2015 and was hosted by eThekwini Municipality in partnership with ICLEI Africa. The event was structured as a technical workshop, therefore had a core group of delegates attending who aimed to unpack the Durban Adaptation Charter. Implementation at the local level was given special focus. The delegates covered a wide range of topics including Community- and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (CEBA), climate finance, climate change-focused communication, and aligning adaptation and mitigation responses.

Attended by: 200 Delegates – 21 Countries

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