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The biennial Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LOCS) Congress series aims to serve as a unique and accessible platform for local leaders to share and consolidate vision, build position and forge new and innovative partnerships to accelerate local climate action in Africa. It features plenary sessions, thematic sessions, and field trips, as well as the high-level segment, Urban Leadership for African Sustainability (ULAS)—bringing local governments and the private sector together to discuss prospects and challenges for a Green Urban Economy. Download

LOCS 2015 will be held in Durban, South Africa from 13-16 October

We are very pleased to announce Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LOCS) 2015, 13 – 16 October this year. LOCS 2015 is the third iteration of this biennial conference held by ICLEI – Local governments for Sustainability – Africa.It is strategically timed as a pan-African gathering of local governments in line with the Local Government Climate Roadmap to prepare for the UNFCCC COP 21 in Paris, France later that year. We welcome partnerships with interested parties from a broad spectrum of stakeholders (international organisations, private sector, academia, civil society) across the world.
For more information please get in touch with us at locs4africa@iclei.org.LOCS is modelled on the highly successful Resilient Cities Global Forum held annually in Bonn, but with a specific focus on the African continent.  The LOCS conference is a unique place to critically focus on the cross-cutting impacts and responses to climate change by: networking, sharing cutting edge good practices, catalysing partnerships, and connecting local governments with researchers, funders and the private sector. This year the conference will bring climate change adaption into a sharp focus. This focus will link to the Durban Adaptation Charter for Local Governments – in promoting and empowering local governments to take action on this political commitment.

Our aim is not only to provide this uniquely African platform, but also provide three clear strategic outcomes that will provide the foundation for the conference programme and engage specific thought leaders, organisations and private sector partners that will collectively and positively contribute towards these outcomes.

Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2013 Congress Highlights Report now available

The ICLEI Africa Secretariat and Dar es Salaam City Council are pleased to share the Local Climate Solutions for Africa Congress 2013 (LOCS 2013) Outcomes Highlight Report. Download it here!

The 1st of November 2013 saw the closing of the second Local Climate Solutions (LOCS) for Africa Congress in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with delegates adopting the Dar es Salaam Communiqué  by African Mayors and Subnational Leaders. Representatives proved their commitment to local climate action by signing the Mexico City pact and Durban Adaptation Charter. More.

Presentations are available here.

View the LOCS 2013 Gallery here.

Read the day one PRESS RELEASE HERE!

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Across Africa, urbanisation presents new and multiple development opportunities and challenges at the local level. Globally more than half of the world’s population resides in cities and urban areas, severely increasing pressure on essential services, infrastructure and natural systems which underpins economies and social well-being. Security and access issues pertaining to water, energy and food are projected to be exacerbated through climate change, most affecting the vulnerable within society.

These challenges calls for innovative solutions – A transition in Africa towards embracing urbanization, responding to change and harnessing opportunities.

The biennial Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2013 Congress series provides a unique and accessible platform for African local governments, their associations, national governments, scientists and experts, NGO’s,  development partners and business to engage on the complex issues and innovative solutions related to urbanisation in Africa through the context of climate resilience.

With its strategically cross-cutting and interlinked Congress themes, Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2013 provided a key opportunity to strengthen the sharing of global good practice and locally appropriate solutions and technologies towards accelerated climate action on the ground. Congress themes  included a strong emphasis on local leadership, financing and accelerated integrated action at the local and sub-national level, underpinned by a special focus on integrated planning towards addressing climate resilience in Africa.

LOCS for Africa 2013 was a unique platform for advancing new partnerships and consolidated local climate action on the continent for the global common good. The Congress series brought together a wide range of global and regional partners and programmes.

For more on the Congress Partners, please see here.

The Local Climate Solutions for Africa Series: LOCS 2011 OutcomesLoCS Closing Plenary

The upcoming Local Climate Solutions for Africa 2013 Congress will build on the remarkable successes achieved at the inaugural LOCS event (http://locs4africa.iclei.org/), which saw the participation of over 50 African cities from 25 countries, as well as high level dignitaries from national government, research agencies, business and other organisations. A key outcome of the event, the African Mayors Climate Change Declaration, has fed into various international climate advocacy forums.

For a comprehensive list of the various outcomes and partners of the LOCS 2011 Congress, we welcome you to visit the Outcomes Page. The 2011 Congress has featured in various newspapers and publications, while a number of exciting events and interesting press releases are available. The official Congress Declaration can be downloaded from the Outcomes page. For more information, please contact us at locs4africa@iclei.org.

Please visit the LoCS Image Gallery to view selected photographs from the event.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability– Africa

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, is the world’s leadingassociation of cities and local governments dedicated to sustainable development. ICLEI is a powerful movement of 12 mega-cities, 100 super-cities and urban regions, 450 large cities as well as 450 small and medium-sized cities and towns in 84 countries.

On the ground ICLEI offers a wide suite of training and capacity building tools and projects, local sustainability planning and project implementation, exchange programmes, sharing of good practice and building leadership and networks in an urban context – all towards more sustainable, resilient and efficient cities and towns across the globe.

ICLEI Africa, the regional office for ICLEI in Africa, is based in Cape Town, South Africa and collaborates closely with the global ICLEI network and other regional offices around the world, in sharing tools, materials and strategies and good practices specifically designed and implemented at the local level.

The Secretariat has seen continual growth over the past years, to its current total of 69 member local governments, in 18 different countries across Africa.

ICLEI Africa’s key environmental work streams within the Secretariat includes:

• Climate Resilience

• Low Emission Development

• Integrated Urban Water Management

• Urban Biodiversity and

• Integrated Urban Planning