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The biennial Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LOCS) Congress series aims to serve as a unique and accessible platform for local leaders to share and consolidate vision, build position and forge new and innovative partnerships to accelerate local climate action in Africa. It features plenary sessions, thematic sessions, and field trips, as well as the high-level segment, Urban Leadership for African Sustainability (ULAS)—bringing local governments and the private sector together to discuss prospects and challenges for a Green Urban Economy. Download

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LOCS4Africa 2017: Water & Climate Congress

LOCS_Water & climate 2017 Logo_RGBLOCS4Africa 2017 will explore critical links between climate change and urban water and sanitation in Africa’s cities. Globally, only 2% of our planets’ water is freshwater, which is fundamental to both human and urban development.

The Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LOCS4Africa) Congress series is Africa’s leading platform on local climate action for cities and other sub-national governments across the Continent.

It connects business and industry, investors, scientists, technical experts, development partners, national governments and civil society with Africa’s cities and urban networks. LOCS4Africa offers the opportunity for direct engagement and strategic discussions around current local solutions and emerging trends relating to urban resilience and low-carbon development in Africa.

LOCS4Africa 2017 will explore critical links between climate change and urban water and sanitation in Africa’s cities.

“We cannot have growth without water.” – Bai-Mass Raal, Executive Secretary of the African Minister’s Council on Water (AMCOW), at the Africa Water Week.

Water is THE critical challenge for many of our local governments. African cities, as diverse as large metro’s to small towns, are increasingly experiencing challenges of water security, drought and flooding. As such, there has never been a more relevant time for a pan-African congress to move “from dialogue to action” providing on-the-ground solutions, unpacking emerging trends and unlocking financial mechanisms.

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ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability– Africa

176x109xICLEI-Logo_high-resCLEI is the leading global network of over 1,500 cities, towns and regions committed to building  a sustainable future. By helping the ICLEI Network to become sustainable,  low-carbon, ecomobile, resilient, biodiverse, resource-efficient, healthy and happy, with a green economy and smart infrastructure, we impact over 20% of the global urban population.

ICLEI Africa, the regional office for ICLEI in Africa, is based in Cape Town, South Africa and collaborates closely with the global ICLEI network and other regional offices around the world, in sharing tools, materials, strategies and good practices specifically designed and implemented at the local level.

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